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Types of salmon to be caught off  Vancouver Island - What is a fish?

  • A. Something that lives in the water
  • B. Something that has scales and breathes through its gills
  • C. Something Yummy

If you answered yes to all , you are correct, take a look at some of Campbell Rivers sport fish just waiting to be caught on our your line.

Chinook Salmon, Spring Salmon, King Salmon, Tyee Salmon


Coho Salmon


Sockeye Salmon

Chinook Slamon Sport Fishing
Coho Salmon Sport Fishing
Sockeye Salmon Sport Fishing

The prize of the pacific ocean, aggressive, feisty and challenging to the angler. A tasty treat and a fight worth bragging about. A Chinook salmon falls into one of two categories depending on the region it is located; in Canada it is known as a Spring salmon, in the United States it is known as a King Salmon. A Tyee Salmon is a Chinook Salmon 30 pounds or greater.


Only found in the pacific ocean, also known as a Silver in the United States. This fish shows reckless abandon chasing your lure and dancing across the top of the water. It will give You an enlightening experience. 


One of the most sought after fish, this is the premium fish for Chefs worldwide. This fish turns blood red at certain times of the year. This fish loves to run and changes colour strikingly come mating season. Also known as a Red Salmon in the United States
.When landlocked it gets a new name called a Kokanee.

Pink Salmon


 If your mouth is watering for Salmon and your mind is wandering to the Rods, then it's time to Call Us to help you fill Your barbeque with Pacific Sport Fish!


Chum Salmon, Dog Salmon

Pink Salmon Sport Fishing
Chum Slsamon Sport Fishing

They are lots of fun and plentiful for the kids. Ever tried spin casting for pinks? It’s lots of fun and excitement. Great for hot smoking and filling the tub at the end of the day. If you love pink, this is the fish for you.


A fall fishery that not many people take advantage of. Plentiful and exciting, these fish give You a great fight. They are primarily a fish that is smoked, but taste good on the barbeque fresh.  Also known as a Dog Salmon because of the canine teeth it develops during the mating season.

Ling Cod




Rock Cod

Ling Cod Sport Fishing
Pacific Halibut Sport Fishing
Rock Cod Sport Fishing

A nice, white meat that many of the locals find as a delicacy. Lives around the rock piles, “ooh, don’t put your finger in there” kind of teeth, if fish were vampires, this would be Count Dracula.


These babies get big; the prize catch of bottom fish.  Chicken Halibut are small ones up to about 20 pounds. The larger ones can easily get up to a hundred pounds and more. Take the moose out of your freezer to make room for this one. Catching one of these fish makes everyone happy. The other white meat.


A delicacy for many of our customers. A tasty treat in the frying pan or on the grill. These creatures are very ancient as they grow approximately one pound every 10 years.