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that is a 26 1/2 foot Grady-White 265 Express Sport Fishing cruiser, designed for the serious saltwater fisherman or woman with safety in mind. Take a look at just some of the many safety features onboard.

Certified Safe Campbell River Sport Fishing

Check the NMMA certification tag on our Grady-White and you'll read about its flotation class. While competitive boats claim to have "foam" they often don't have the required amount for basic flotation. Our Grady-White has enough foam to prevent the boat, motor and passengers from sinking.

Tremendous Strength and Solid Feel Closed cell polyurethane foam won't absorb water so even if there is a hole in the boat, water stays out of the foam-filled compartments. The foam, which adheres to the stringers, acts as a spreader between the beam stringers, adding strength and deadening sound for a quieter ride.

Even first time boaters feel confident in our Grady-White Solid, foam-filled security is complemented by interior features like handholds, high interior gunwales, safety glass windshields, and diamond pattern nonskid decks that are easy on your feet.

Certified Safe Sport Fishing

Why Sport Fishing Magazine calls Our Grady-White Express 265 “Exceptional.”

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